Private Company Investments

Vipond Ventures’ portfolio consists of several category-leading private companies. With a focus on online education and combating climate change, these companies stand out as not only having great economic prospects but also making the world a better place. 



Corporate Finance Institute is the leading provider of online financial analyst courses and certification programs. Founded in 2016, CFI has helped more than 1 million students advance their careers. Learn more at


first principles institute online business courses

First Principles Institute is a leading provider of online business courses and certification programs. Founded in 2022, FPI is on a mission to help anyone in the world advance their careers in the areas of marketing, communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, strategy, and much more. Learn more at and view all their courses at


Nexii is on a mission to transform the world’s buildings to be healthy, more affordable, and truly sustainable. They are a green construction technology company creating the next generation of innovative buildings. Learn more at


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